Recent Honours

Since its inception, OÖM has made its mark through our ethical business model and awareness of our social and environmental impact. Our ‘Manufacturer's Extended Responsibility Program' earned many honourable mentions in 2009—In fact, the Montreal Mirror newspaper awarded us the prize of “Noise Maker 2009.” We also earned an honourable mention from the Montreal Regional Council on the Environment (RCE-Montreal) in recognition of OÖM's efforts for the environment and sustainable development.


21 Decembre 2010, Canadian+Handmade, Sarah Gardiner

KEEPING IT ETHICAL, ORGANIC AND CANADIAN. Celebrating Canadian artists + crafters by highlighting their work + spreading the joy of handmade. Every weekday we highlight another artist from across the country - you'll also find event listings and "behind the scenes" feature interviews!

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March 23rd 2009 - CBC Montreal - News at 6

BE YOUR OWN (GREEN) BOSS. For the longest time, the environment and economy were considered separate. I guess they had to be--given that most of the economy was based on debasing the environment.

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January 8th 2009 - Miroir - Michael-Olivier Harding

NOISE MAKER 2009 The name conjures up the most elemental Buddhist mantra, ‘‘aum.’’ Quite fitting for an urban clothing line that invites consumers to ponder over their individual purchasing power. For co-founders Pascale Clauzier and Pascal Benaksas-Couture, OÖM Ethikwear allows people to marry sartorial decisions with social values—and to recognize other like-minded ethical fashionistas on the street thanks to the company’s signature red button, sewn onto all apparel.

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May 17th 2008 - The Gazette -

BUILDING A MADE IN MONTREAL WARDROBE. Think global but buy local. That's the message these days when it comes to produce shopping, but what about clothes? Is it possible to stay on budget, look stylish and buy only locally made clothing?

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