The CQEA defends the economic, social and professional interests of its members and carries out promotional activities. Its membership comprises 44 adapted enterprises working in Québec, whose revenues in 2008 exceeded $150 million. The CQEA also acts as spokesperson for its members in dealings with government agencies. For the general public, it is a valuable source of information on the products and services of adapted enterprises.


Assembly of hang tags on OÖM Ethikwear's clothing is made by Main-Forte. Main-forte Montreal (MFM) is a social integration organization allowing people with physical disabilities to do manual work, emerge from isolation and get involve in their community. The work unit is tailored to each individual's ability.


Communauto provides its members with exclusive access to its vehicles. By becoming a Communauto subscriber, you gain access to a fleet of cars that you can reserve at low cost for a half-hour, an hour, a day or longer, according to your needs. Located in the heart of your neighbourhood, the cars are available without delay, 24/7.


The Montréal Fashion Bureau is mandated to promote Montréal fashion among both local and foreign consumers and buyers, as well as to stimulate pride in local shopping, ultimately helping our designers and entrepreneurs gain international recognition.


The Fondation du maire de Montréal is a non-profit, apolitical organization with a mission to encourage the success of a new generation of promising Montréal entrepreneurs, in concert with a committed and united business community.


As a leader in the business development sector, SAJE has embraced the mission of contributing to the success of new entrepreneurs by offering consulting services, coaching and training.


CDEC works for the economic and social development of our individual and collective entrepreneurship, the development of employability projects, and initiatives that have a lasting impact on the diversification of the economy and reinforcement of the social climate and its cohesion.


Renaissance’s mission is to help people who are out of work (welfare recipients, immigrants, youth without work experience, and people with no income) reintegrate into the job market or return to school; while at the same time encouraging the re-use of used consumer goods and their diversion from landfill sites.