Having studied, and then worked for two years in the financial sector and stock market, Pascal Benaksas-Couture found himself deeply questioning his professional future. Although passionate about business, he found his work did not reflect his ethical and personal values.

He then met Pascale Clauzier, who became his business partner, and the two felt that the Montreal fashion market was ready to accept their ideals. Although OÖM started off very modestly, it made a big promotional splash when it printed its positive message on its first 50 T-shirts: “We all have a dream.”

Nothing more was needed to launch their big adventure in Québec's fashion world!

A young designer joined the project and lent her wings to lift the company off the ground by designing OÖM's first collection made entirely in Québec. Soon, new possibilities started springing up for OÖM to expand its ethical philosophy, which we further developed by entrusting our manufacturing to several organizations dedicated to helping less fortunate people in our society.

The dream continued to evolve with the introduction of Rêv-Évolution, the OÖM line of promotional clothing catering to business' growing need to purchase ethical products for printing made by Québecois designers.

OÖM then introduced its organic cotton collections, making the company one of the trendsetters of Québec's ethical fashion movement.

All this manufacturing generated cotton remnants which we wanted to recycle, and so Bébé OÖM was born. This further expanded our offer of clothing made from ecological textiles in Québec. But we didn't want to leave out children aged 2 to 10 years old, so we came out with OÖM Junior, a collection to eco-consciously clothe these youngsters, too.

Over the years, OÖM has kept the dream alive of contributing to changing the world by regularly adopting new and more responsible practises. This quest has allowed the company to diversify its products to meet the needs of a growing clientèle. OÖM is proud to offer consumers not only T-shirts, but also jeans, dresses, skirts, Bermudas, jackets, and other garments made from a wide variety of eco-responsible materials, including organic cotton, hemp, Tencel® and recycled polyester.

Today, OÖM sell our clothing line across Canada. OÖM donates thousands of dollars a year to organizations that support social causes we believe in. In short, OÖM's success has helped boost the local economy, effect concrete change in the fashion world and is the product of a message launched on a bunch of T-shirts several years ago: "We all have a dream..."