Since 2005 OÖM has made socially and environmentally ethical clothing a reality! Behind each red button is an ethical philosophy offering consumers the opportunity to wear their conscience, expressing themselves through clothing that reflects their personal values.

Proud of the positive and engaged message our clothing conveys, OÖM clothes are made entirely of organic cotton and eco-responsible fabrics like 70% recycled cotton and recycled polyester. They are manufactured by socially engaged Canadian organisations.

Our design aim is to progressively overcome the difficulties of producing perfectly ethical clothing. We offer complete transparency on the production of each of our collections.

Our business does not act independently of its environment, but rather is a responsible citizen participating in civil society. This is why we have always donated 1% of our sales to organisations that contribute to the betterment of our society and environment:

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Manufacturer's Extended Responsibility Program: Recycling used clothes.

Always innovating to improve the environment and society, OÖM has launched a cutting-edge recycling program for clothing. Extending our environmental responsibility as manufacturer, we invite our customers to recycle their used OÖM Ethikwear clothing by returning it to us. In exchange we will offer a 5$ gift card per clothing item,* applicable to their next online purchase. OÖM is committed to redistributing the items that are in good condition to non-profit organisations, and sending the rest to the C.R.R.R.L a social reinsertion centre that recycles used clothing into industrial rags.

By doing so, our company takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products: a first in the clothing domain!

Return your clothing to 2065 Parthenais, Suite 028, Montreal, Quebec, H2K 3T1, indicating your name and personal e-mail address. A gift certificate will be issued and sent to you by e-mail.

*Maximum of $10 per submission.


Our Collections

We offer three distinct clothing lines: OÖM Ethikwear for men and women, Bébé OÖM for children 0-24 months, and Rêv-Évolution by OÖM for organisations wishing to print their own logo on a line of ethical promotional clothing.


The beginnings

Having studied, and then worked for two years in the financial sector and stock market, Pascal Benaksas-Couture found himself deeply questioning his professional future. Although passionate about business, he found his work did not reflect his ethical and personal values.

After reflecting on how to align his ideals and his work, he bought 50 t-shirts with Pascale Clauzier (co-founder) and a credit card, and printed on them the first positive message of the company: “We all have a dream.”

Nothing more was needed to begin our project…

Awarded several entrepreneurial grants, the company began the commercialization of their products. The co-founders quickly moved the business out of their apartments, which had become real warehouses, into a large space where all the management of the production and marketing took place.

Then Ariane Michaud joined our team. This young designer offered her wings to lift the company off the ground by designing our first collection made entirely in Quebec. Her collaboration opened up new possibilities for OÖM to expand our ethical philosophy.

The dream continued to evolve with the introduction of the Rêv-Évolution by OÖM line of promotional clothing to answer business's growing need to purchase ethical products. OÖM's ethical philosophy developed further when we ensured our manufacturing was provided by several organisations assisting marginalized persons within our society.

In winter 2006-07, the company introduced for the first time our organic cotton collections, which permit OÖM to be a forerunner of the ethical fashion movement in Quebec. All this manufacturing generated cotton remnants which we wanted to recycle, and so Bébé OÖM was born.

Today, OÖM has three collections of clothing distributed across Canada in more than 70 boutiques.

Since our founding, OÖM is proud to have donated more than $22 000 to social causes that we believe in.

Today we sincerely thank the SAJE and their business start-up program that believed in our project and supported us at the beginning, as well as the Youth Foundation of the Mayor of Montreal, and the Program of Young Entrepreneurs.